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How to become the #1 search result on Google

Master these SEO tools to rank any page #1 on Google

Struggling to get your pages ranking on Google's algorithm? Google search is the cheapest way to get quality leads, get clients, and reach customers — but it's also the hardest. Digital companies need a solid SEO strategy to survive, so reach out to us if you do business online and want the best real estate on the internet: Google's search engine results page.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained

SEO is a set of practices used to get pages seen by search engine algorithms and influence their results. This involves structuring web pages in certain ways, targeting relevant keywords, providing an engaging user experience, and improving the technical aspects of your website helps Google curate the internet and show you the most relevant webpages for your query first and highlight the key info you're searching for.


With every SEO, the first question is "What's the primary target keyword?" This is essentially what people are searching for on Google. Look at competitors to see what keywords to include in context. If a keyword like "SEO Jobs" is too competitive, find a long-tail alternative to target, like "SEO Jobs in the Bay Area". Be sure to include it in meta tags!

Site Structure

A well-researched, comprehensive college essay isn't likely to rank on Google because its not skimmable. While the use of bullet points and tables aren't literary conventions, including them can make content more likely to rank. Readers will find it easier to scan for key info and Google will be able to recognize important information and elevate it — it kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

Site health

Even if you're following all the best practices, there are some fundamental technical things that will determine how effective your SEO is. For instance, your pages must load fast to gain a favorable edge on Google; Provide a smooth user experience, which means making a navigable site structure so that users (and Google) and get around; Be aware of your domain health — check your backlinks to ensure they are from high-authority domains so that Google doesn't flag your website as spam. 

Keep going!

What sets apart SEO content from traditional content or advertising is that it's never "done." Publishing is just where SEO begins and most of the work is done after. This means iterating the final product, continuously improving to bring in more traffic. In other words, you must keep your page optimized and updated to fight for that coveted #1 rank on Google search.

Why should businesses care about SEO?

Because Google is the 1st place your clients go to find you (or competitors like you).

There are almost no quick wins in SEO, especially when starting from scratch. It's a long-term approach that can be likened to exercising: the more you work out, the better you perform. For instance, a page that ranks for "best core workouts" will need some maintenance to ensure that it remains in Google's favor and doesn't get outranked by a competitor.

Get more leads

We get you more leads, organically. I'll help you optimize your website for Google search and increase organic traffic. We use Google's algorithm to bring the leads to you. 

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Build your brand

Your brand has a voice, let it be heard. Hone your brand identity and become a trustworthy authority in your industry. I help establish your brand's digital presence.

Grow faster

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Why spent your marketing budget on ads? Diversify your acquisition channels with SEO, blogs, social media, and newsletters so more users land on your website.

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